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 The Clinic

The room itself is a lovely spacious room with plenty of natural light, comfortable chairs, a massage couch and tea and coffee facilities. 

 Price Increase

Due to the increase of costs across the board, unfortunately, I have had to increase the price of the medicine. The updated details are below.  

Card Reader

I now have the ability to take card payments. I am trying to make it as convenient as possible for people to be able to pay for their treatment in the best way possible for them.

Price List

Initial Consultation £40.00

Follow-up Consultation £25.00

Missed appointment fees are charged as the consultation fee for that particular appointment. £25/40

Repeat prescription dispensing charge £10.00 (without consultation)

Postage - up to 750g £3.50

Postage - Large packet/Small Parcel £5.65

Tincture £10.00 per 100ml

Slippery Elm Powder £7.50 per 50g

Dried Herbs/Tea £7.50 per 100g

Creams £3.50 per 30ml

Postage Prices

100ml Tincture - £3.50

200/250ml Tincture - £3.50

300ml Tincture - £5.65

500ml Tincture -£5.65

Up to 200g of tea/powder - £3.50

Over 200g tea/powder - £5.65

Up to 60g cream - £3.50

Over 60g cream - £5.65

Up to 100ml oil - £3.50

250ml Oil - £5.65

Multiple items – Assume £5.65, possibly more

Because Royal Mail has changed some of their parameters it isn’t always the weight of the parcel that can make it more expensive it’s the size, so although for example the teas are not heavy, they are however bulky and that bulk can tip the postage over the £3.50 limit.